Hip Hip Decay


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Hip Hip Decay Gift Certificates are an excellent way to do so many things-

- pre pay for a future Hip Hip Decay piece so you are ready to jump onto the one that        catches your eye.

- purchase as a gift for someone deserving, so they can choose the piece themselves.

- use as a commission in waiting for when you decide exactly what you would like.

- books ($38 inc postage), small ($400 inc postage) and large sculptures ($420 inc postage) all catered for with three pricepoints at the dropdown denominations menu.

Once purchased, you will receive a code by email which can be entered at checkout to redeem the certificate when needed.

You will also receive by post a physical certificate for your records or to gift to someone else. 

If a commission is required, simply email with your code and we will discuss your wishes, and a private listing will be organised. 

The certificate details will include-

To- From- Amount- Issued- Expiry Certificate Number (code)-

And is for the total cost of one sculpture including domestic Australian standard postage.

There is not an expiry on gift certificates, if unforeseen events mean the certificate cannot be honored by Hip Hip Decay then a full refund will be offered. 

Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash at any time, only artwork.