The inner goings on of a reverie...

As so many people have asked me about my inspirations, studio, construction methods and general creative world I think some reporting on these would be a lovely way to explain.

I feel the most important and most rich department of my work are the contemplations behind it, which begin generations past and include future memories.

Image- Caleb Cluff, The Ballarat Courier, Fairfax Media

Most of us have sentiments that cut straight to our core, stemming from memories of deceased family, shreds of childhood school interactions, rumours and half remembered perfumes. My multi generational history in Ballarat, the town I still call home, is the heart of my artwork.

Every day I am connected to my past, as I walk the same cobblestones that I just know my great grandparents walked in their button up boots. I see the mist between Mount Buninyong and Mount Warrenheip in the distance, exactly as they saw it. The little waves lap the lakeweed and black swan's knees on Lake Wendouree where my grandfather ran his paddlesteamer. Nothing has changed and everything has changed.

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