Studio Isolation.... lucky me!

In thoroughly strange times such as these, I am so relieved that I work from home and have everything I need in my little nest. I am most comfortable being engrossed in a project in studio, and I would be content to stay in here forever.

Obviously I wish the troubles outside weren't happening, but it is what it is for now, and I am glad that I am one of the people who is a natural loner and relish the time to myself (mostly).

With my dogs and little girl, and plenty of coffee and chocolate, I can work on commission pieces and create new work. I can update social media, prepare future sculptures, bounce like mad on the trampoline, re-organise the studio and potentially even vaccuum! The weather is beautiful and blustery, my climbing roses are starting to do their thing, and I am excited to see what I have achieved when things have settled down outside.

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