The sentimentality and haunting nature of memory is the world I am drawn to. Beautiful things now decrepit, once cherished objects now paused in a parallel place, still existing but really inhabiting a long gone life. My characters are the often anthropomorphic bridge between human and creature, the past and present, and truth or dream. A melancholic yet enticing longing for ornaments our past generations loved, but which seem strange and awkward now, and have miraculously outlived their owners. The stained and moth eaten fabrics, cracks and threads, shining eyes, all conglomerate to remind me of great grandparents time capsule dining rooms and Victorian grace now disintegrated.

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I am always thrilled to work with customers on specific ideas or certain creatures they may have in mind. From cherished pets, favourite animals to gifts for friends and family, the possibilities are endless. To discuss your thoughts email or use the CONTACT form 

Clay, fabric, wood

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