The Hip Hip Decay Family

Customer response and thoughts on Hip Hip Decay work.


Julie A-

For me, I love animals. So that’s what brings me happiness. You put life into them. Their little faces are just so sweet. I’m just sitting here staring at them. They all are so different too. The three bunnies all have very different faces. I knew I had to have another one once I got the bunny for my birthday, because she’s just so beautiful. I think I’ll be keeping an eye out now for other creatures to add to my collection now. That’s why I had to have the deer and AHNAH!!! I saw them both and just had to have. So that’s what had me snap those up so quick. But some people might want to stick to bunnies or foxes, but I think I want a variation. 

Owner of - Ahnah sheep, Killiecrankie fox, Twiford deer, Snugville rabbit, Mercia rabbit and Flykra rabbit.



S'n'S -
What do we love about Hip Hip Decay creations?
Each of the animals is so unique and they drew us in with those big eyes and sometimes aloof, sometimes 'oh cute!', sometimes proud, sometimes playful facial expressions. We love the way they stand and interact with each other, the space they're in and us! 
We love their individual outfits and the use of the different, carefully chosen recycled materials used to make their costumes. 
Each of them 'spoke' to us and we just couldn't say no...
Owners of - 
Tweezil, Quilliam, Lillebonne, Glenariffe, Tottie, Ragfair, Bibiana, Tortuga, Laira, Tyndrum, Weenok, Mazurka, Yasodhara, Sisiletta, Swanhilde, Solario, Ambrose, Bardolfe, Ausbernarde, Chestillion, Caithness, Lisbet, Blankney.



Sue R - 

'I remember vividly the very first time I encountered Suzanne’s pieces magnificently displayed in the main window of the Ballarat Art Gallery. I now understand the excitement children experience at seeing the Christmas Display at Myer!
From that moment I was hooked. I have a background in Visual Arts but I had never seen anything that moved me quiet like UNA and MORRIS (my first two adoptees). So many special memories flashed before my eyes - I was transfixed.
Growing up on a farm and having a very real affinity with animals, these pieces touched me immensely. As a child we had the odd pet fox, in fact there was always a menagerie of rescued animals and birds within the ‘house yard’. My Hip Hip Decay creations appeal in so many ways and have allowed me to recreate childhood memories to present day. I didn’t quite get to adorn the foxes and Joeys on dress up days quite as elegantly as the costumes Suzanne creates but I thought they were beautiful.
In many ways having my 7 foxes and 2 rabbits has been a comfort and an escape over the past 6 months of COVID - an element of fantasy in somewhat dire circumstances. I love to reconfigure the groupings, and reacquainting them by moving them frequently.
Walking into my living area and seeing them in the first morning light never fails to make me smile.'